Study Visa

Canada had approved 404,000 study permits in 2019. It makes it now the fourth-largest international student population in the world behind the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. According to research by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, international students are drawn to Canada by the quality of education provided by its universities and colleges.

They are also drawn by Canada’s reputation as an open and welcoming society.

Currently Canada accepts the international students study visa application id two categories:

  • Student Direct Stream (SDS)
  • Non-SDS(General)

Student Direct Stream

Although this rules of this process are stringent, but the students who meet the conditions can avail their visa within 45 days.

  • Student should have 6 band in each module of IELTS
  • One year tuition fee need to be deposited in advance


Students who do not met the conditions of SDS can apply their file under general category. The visa processing time is from 4-6 weeks and chances of getting the visa is low.

What is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)?

A designated learning institution or DLI is a university, school or college approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. All public universities, colleges and major private universities and colleges in Canada are DLI. So, if you’re applying for a study permit, you are required to have a letter of acceptance letter from a DLI.

What is Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)?

The Indian students who to study in Canada, require to open a Canadian bank account online with any one of the designated banks. Once your account is created, the bank holds your GIC in a student account or an investment account that you’ll be able to access only when you arrive in Canada. It releases your funds only upon the confirmation of your identity when arrive in the country. While you can take an initial lump sum amount on arrival, the remaining is distributed monthly or bi-monthly over a period of 10-12 months.

Post Study Work Permit

International students are eligible to work in Canada to support themselves financially during their studies. Upon completing their studies, many of them are eligible to obtain a Post-Study Work Permit so that they can gain more Canadian work experience for a period of up to three years.